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Did Some UConn Fans Break The Iowa State Mascot's Arm Last Night?

Buried deep in the Des Moines Register's Iowa State/U Conn game story, it's noted that, "On the radio Friday night, John Walters reported that Cy the mascot had broken his arm during the first half. Do mascots have insurance? When a sub Cy took the field for the second half - if indeed that was a sub Cy - Walters said Iowa State must have a deep mascot two-deep."

Oh ho ho, mascot depth charts! Alas, the funny ends there.

Over on, they're maintaining that Cy didn't just break his arm, but that foul play was involved. As in, the thread starts with, "Watching the game on ESPN2 and got a call that KASI 1430 announced the UCONN student thugs beat up CY and broke his or her arm. Hope a good lawsuit is aimed at UCONN thugs if true . Sounds like something an IOWA fan might do in IOWA CITY."


From there, poster 4EverACyclone noted that, "Confirmed by my friend at the game. UConn fan shoved Cy down and he/she was taken to the lockerroom before half. They need to throw that fan in jail for simple assault at minimum!"

Details are scant, other than a tookie-tookie bird of a sports-talk host cracking wise about it, but here's a Twitter exchange between Cy's brother Hunter Brugenhemke and Chris Williams, "Publisher of Iowa State postgame host on the Cyclone Radio Network. Writer, broadcaster & commentator."

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