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Did The Clippers' PR Guy Scrub Donald Sterling's Wikipedia Page?

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An eagle-eyed tipster alerts us to this revision on Donald Sterling's Wikipedia page, which scrubbed the six-part "Controversies" section but added some heartwarming notes.


Did you know, for example, that Sterling "was also named Humanitarian of the Year by the Los Angeles Police Historical Society at its 1999 Jack Webb Award gala?" Practically knighted.

Sterling's "areas of expertise are diverse and many: he has been a prominent attorney, real estate developer, and entrepreneur," the revision writes, which is a fuzz more flattering than "Sterling has been sued multiple times for sexual harassment."


The edits' origin makes this story a little more interesting; they came from Wikipedia user Sburtonclips3335. As our tipster noticed, one Seth Burton is the Clippers' assistant director of communications. The new page was Sterling's official Clippers bio. Better still, Burton's first job in sports came with a franchise very skilled in bullying and manipulating the media: Dan Snyder's Washington Redskins, in 2000.

We can't be sure that Burton is the Wikipedia user, although it's hard to believe that exaggeration is necessary to mock the Clippers organization. We've put in a call and an email to Burton, and he's responded to neither. Perhaps we should have tried calling to offer a humanitarian award for his boss.

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