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A Dodgers fan in Chase Field’s Batters Box Suite appeared to be told to remove his cap and put on a companion’s D-Backs jersey during yesterday afternoon’s game, an incident similar to one two years ago that a ballpark patron called “ the worst experience she’s ever had at a sporting event.”


Obviously we can only draw so many conclusions from what we see in the above video of yesterday’s game, but it’s strikingly similar to what we saw happen previously. We’re never afforded a decent look at the team staffer who appears to be issuing orders, but he may resemble Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick— who was also the instigator of the situation last time we saw this happen.

The Diamondbacks maintain a policy banning fans in those $3,000 behind-the-plate seats from wearing the opposing team’s gear. But we’ve never heard of the rule being enforced on anyone not wearing Dodger blue. If you’ve been forced to change clothes by Ken Kendrick—a man worth hundreds of millions of dollars—or another Diamondbacks staffer, please let us know.

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