Didn’t see LeBron James on the Manningcast? Here’s what you missed

The King throws shade while Mannings indulge it all

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Lebron made an appearance on Manningcast Monday night.
Lebron made an appearance on Manningcast Monday night.
Screenshot: MNF on ESPN

Lebron James (King James to his minion) took a detour on his way to Lakers training camp to make an appearance on Peyton’s and Eli’s Manningcast. In about five minutes, the trio covered everything from James considering an NFL career to him breaking down a Cowboys scoring play. Lebron even carved out time to shamelessly throw shade at his high school quarterback with an assist from the Manning brothers.

Flag on the play. That’s a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct on numbers 10, 18, 23, 6, and 9. If that line were lyrics to a song, it’d be a definite sneak diss. Totally pointless, but you know Lebron’s gotta get these jokes off. If not on Twitter, let’s do it live on television. Why not, right?


Eli showed off his point-guard skills in the way he set James up for the belittling. Manning began the bashing, then stepped back, and like so many of his underlings, James followed right along in the desecration of his former high school QB. Sure, it was all in good fun for the guys on TV, but not as much for the subject.

Then Eli mentions James’ “legendary” high school football career at Saint Vincent-Saint Mary’s in his hometown of Akron. This evolves into them touching on Lebron receiving offers from his favorite team (this week) in Big D and the Seattle Seahawks during the NBA’s 2011 lockout.

While watching James play in the NFL for a while would have been entertaining, I’m sure it would not have lasted more than one season after the beating his body would have taken. I can see James being a fit at wide receiver because he certainly has the personality and attitude for the position.


It is fun to think about how this scenario would have played out, especially if James had played in Dallas for Jerry Jones. Imagine James and Jones at a press conference together officially announcing Lebron signing with America’s Team. The tug of war for the spotlight between these two would be epic in its hilariousness. We definitely missed out on a fantastic two-man show featuring the comedy stylings of James & Jones. Or would it be Jones & James? Either way, it would’ve been good times.