Cool Pope Francis probably regrets calling upon Diego Maradona to suit up for a charity match of the stars in Rome yesterday, after the soccer legend started a fight with compatriot Juan Sebastián Verón in the middle of a match meant to spread a message of peace and togetherness:

The incident appears to have stemmed from what Maradona perceived as overly aggressive play from Verón. You can see the tackle that immediately precipitated the spat here:

On one hand, Maradona probably overreacted to what looked like a minor and unintentional little trip‚ÄĒand it‚Äôs not clear how much Ver√≥n even touched him. On the other, knocking the bloated-bellied Maradona down is something close to flipping a turtle on its back. You can see how much of a struggle it is for him just to waddle around out there. Having to hoist himself off the ground is almost life-threatening.


Despite Maradona‚Äôs laudable fearlessness in the face of the much younger and bigger‚ÄĒwell, taller‚ÄĒman he confronts, if we‚Äôre scoring at home, Ver√≥n still wins with his utterly dismissive response to the very large and angry pear yapping at him.