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Dikembe Mutombo Denies Bismack Biyombo Permission To Finger Wag (UPDATE)

Photo via AP
Photo via AP

TMZ caught up with Dikembe Mutombo, the former NBA star most recently famous for kinda-sorta-accidentally-almost-maybe-maybe-not revealing that the draft lottery was NOT rigged for the Philadelphia 76ers, and he offered his takes on Bismack Biyombo co-opting his signature finger wag move. His take is that he never authorized this finger wagging, man.

Biyombo, like Mutombo, is a shot-blocking menace from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, so he’s obviously inspired by the work and legacy of his predecessor. He’s been waggin’ throughout these playoffs, and has claimed that he received proper permission. Mutombo is gonna have to learn poor Bismack this summer:

“I don’t know when did that conversation took place,” Mutombo said ... “Him and I need to talk this summer.”

“He claim in the newspaper and everywhere he said I gave it to him. I said, Did I gave him? Was it family? Cosign? But you know what, he’s a young man, man, I let him enjoy the fame. He’s making me famous!”

“I will see him in the Congo this summer so him and I will talk back home with nobody around us.”


Worth noting: Mutombo did not offer further comment on the lottery scandal.

Update (10:47 p.m.): Hmmm not the first time Mutombo has flip-flopped.

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