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Dion Waiters Handled His Free Agency Like He Handles Open Corner Threes

Dion Waiters had a very Dion Waiters season as a member of the Thunder in 2015-16. Which is to say he tossed bricks all over the court, carried himself like he was the best scorer on the team, and nearly altered the course of NBA history with one supremely boneheaded but effective forearm shiver. How much is a player like that worth on the free-agent market? Much less than he thinks he is, apparently.

Waiters went into the offseason as a restricted free agent, and the Thunder gave him a qualifying offer that would have paid him $6.8 million next season. Waiters didn’t accept, and the Thunder eventually withdrew the offer a few weeks ago, leaving Waiters free to get himself a big fat contract from another team.


Today, Waiters signed with the Miami Heat:

Don’t worry about Dion Waiters, though. He knows deep down that this is the season he’s going to average 26 points a game and get himself a max deal.

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