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Dipshit Hockey Player Murders Grizzly Bear For Sport

Sorry everyone, but today's Bear Friday news is a big fucking bummer, and we have Minnesota Wild defenseman Clayton Stoner to thank for it. That's because Clayton Stoner thought it would be cool to go to British Columbia, shoot a grizzly bear, and then take some pictures of himself holding up the bear's severed head like a trophy.

The shooting took place last spring in an area known as The Great Bear Rainforest. Bear hunting is technically legal in that area, but a group made up of local natives called the Coastal First Nations has declared the area off-limits to trophy hunting. After killing the bear, Stoner was photographed by two native technicians while posing with the bear's severed head and paws. The Vancouver Sun made those photos public this week, and now a lot of people are very angry at Stoner.


Stoner's actions became the impetus behind an anti-trophy hunting video released by Bears Forever. You probably shouldn't watch it unless you want to find out that the bear Stoner murdered was an adorable creature named Cheeky who had a habit of sticking his tongue out and "getting cheeky" with the locals while walking up and down the beach and oh goddammit now I'm crying. Fuck you, Clayton Stoner.

Anyway, Stoner had this to say for himself:

I grew up hunting and fishing in British Columbia and continue to enjoy spending time with my family outdoors. I applied for and received a grizzly bear hunting licence through a British Columbia limited-entry lottery last winter and shot a grizzly bear with my licence while hunting with my father, uncle and a friend in May.

I love to hunt and fish and will continue to do so with my family and friends in British Columbia.


Whatever, buddy. You are clearly an enemy of bears everywhere. Therefore, you are an enemy of Deadspin. Get fucked.

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