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Dipshit Saints Fan Sues Team Over Anthem Protests

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A Saints fan named Lee Dragna, who appears to be a real dumbass, has filed a lawsuit against the team seeking a refund for his season tickets. He wants the refund because his ability to enjoy Saints games has been ruined by the NFL’s anthem protests.

In his suit, Dragna cites a Week 2 home game against the Patriots, at which he claims a number of Saints players didn’t come onto the field until after the anthem, causing an uproar near his seats. Because of this clearly traumatizing experience, Dragna claims, he hasn’t attended a home game since.


The suit goes on to claim that Dragna would have never purchased his season tickets in the first place if he had known “Saints football players would use Saints football games as a platform for protests.” Dragna believes he is entitled to a refund because he purchased his season tickets for “entertainment and intellectual enjoyment,” and the protests got in the way of that.

The stupidest thing about this lawsuit, aside from the fact that it exists, is that Saints players never even protested during the anthem at a home game. The only time any players sat for the national anthem was before their Week 3 game against the Panthers, which was a road game. Saints running back Mark Ingram helpfully pointed this out yesterday:

Between this guy and the dingus who refused to accept an award from the team, Saints fans are quickly becoming the worst.

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