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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Well, boy howdy, that was kind of definitive, wasn't it?

Last night's BCS Championship Game might not have been the most exciting game — you half expected Tony Kornheiser to be broadcasting it — but it certainly did put the idea that Ohio State somehow deserved something for being the only undefeated major conference team during the regular season; we're not sure Illinois wouldn't have given the Gators a better game. So now Florida is the national champion in football as well as basketball, though we're still of the belief that Boise State should get some consideration. (A little, anyway.)


Our favorite redemption story out of all this: Chris Leak, to whom some Gators fans probably should consider apologizing.

As for Ohio State, well ... ooof. Handling the loss particularly poorly? The formerly Dead Schembechlers. "There was a crack of thunder and a terrible roar. The air above us looked's hard to explain...but it appeared that the fabric of our world was...ripped open. Angry flames issued from it. There was a blast of heat like a furnace and...a sound." And that's just the start.


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