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Disease Outbreak Forces Duke Students To Abandon Flu-Riddled Tent City

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Even in the best of conditions Krzyzewskiville, the tent city erected by Duke students before the North Carolina game in a performative tribute of extreme fandom, does not sound like a charming place to be. Getting drunk in a tent is a time-honored pastime, though since this particular gathering is both on Duke’s campus and oftentimes in the snow, it sounds uniquely shitty. Even worse: This year’s tent city has been disbanded by authorities following a flu outbreak. Here’s the Duke student paper:

All tenters in Krzyzewskiville received an indefinite grace period beginning at about 10 p.m. Wednesday night due to the high numbers of student illness and the severity of the flu this year. Larry Moneta, vice president for student affairs, asked the line monitors to give all tenters grace, co-head line monitors David Duquette and Sara Constand wrote in an email to the Krzyzewskiville Listserv Wednesday night.


The line monitors mentioned in the story are exactly what they sound like. Duke has made something as stupid as waiting in a tent for basketball tickets into a tightly regulated system, with three separate occupancy requirement periods and hall monitors deputized to verify that each tent is in fact occupied by the correct number of people it should be in each phase. The North Carolina game isn’t until March 3, so students with the flu will have plenty of time to recover before voluntarily returning to their tents.

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