ESPN's just one of the prominently featured supporters of SOPA, the law that has your favorite non-Deadspin sites going black today.

The vague language of SOPA (and its associate PIPA) opens up a huge latitude for the government to shut down sites that link (even occasionally) to content that infringes upon copyright. One of those sites is Grantland, which regularly links to unlicensed clips on YouTube. Bill Simmons alone accounted for 98 possible SOPA-worthy violations, which could put—and—at serious risk of being seized by the government. The full list of potential violations is below.


ESPN already has something of a conflicted relationship with SOPA. Rob King, vice president and editor-in-chief of ESPN Digital Media (which makes him well-positioned to see the absurdities of the SOPA bill), is a member of the Online News Association's board of directors; the ONA has voiced its opposition to the bill. Poking around Grantland, you'll find hundreds of other SOPA-relevant violations of copyright. It's curious that a site built in part on the commonplace use of other people's content is itself owned by one of SOPA's biggest supporters.

Anyway, the list:

"Welcome to Grantland"
Links to Coldplay's "Clocks" video on YouTube

"Proud to be an NHL front-runner"
Links to "Brass Bonanza"

"Dizzying Highs and Terrifying Lows"
Links to (now removed) NBA video removed due to NBA copyright claim


"NBA Finals Game 6 Retro Diary"
Links to video of Naked Gun scene
Links to video of 2010 Golden Globes

"Welcome to Draft Diary XV"
Links to content of NBA TV
Links to content of Trick Daddy/Ying Yang Twins & Euro basketball content


"'Good Lord! That's His Music!'"
Embeds video no longer available due to WWE copyright claim
Links to Rocky III "Eye Of The Tiger" video
Links to 1980 Hulk Hogan video
Links to Lawler-Kerry Von Erich video
Links to Jimmy Garvin video
Links to Mike Rotundo and Barry Windham video
Links to Midnight Express video
Links to "Hulk Hogan's Theme"
Links to "Real American"
Links to Mr. Kennedy intro w/Airborne's "Turn Up The Trouble"
Links to Bret Hart theme song
Links to unknown video blocked by WWE copyright claim
Links to "The Rockers" theme song
Links to Shawn Michaels entrance video
Links to Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon video
Links to 1997 SummerSlam video
Links to D-Generation X video
Links to 1998 D-Generation X intro
Links to Batista intro song
Links to Billy Gunn intro song
Links to Hulk Hogan intro song
Links to Sandman intro song
Links to Goldberg intro song
Links to John Cena intro song
Links to Undertaker intro song
Links to Kofi Kingston intro song
Links to Triple-H vs Randy Orton video
Links to Steve Austin entrance video (blocked by WWE)
Links to The Rock 2001 SummerSlam video
Links to Vince McMahon entrance video
Links to R-Truth entrance video
Links to 2009 WWE Backlash video
Links to ECW Al Snow video
Links to video of Smackdown 29 April 1999
Links to WWE RAW video 1999

"The Glorious Return of the Mailbag"
Links to 1985 NBA video of Larry Bird
Links to Turkish Airlines Kobe ad


"Summer of Mailbag: The Revenge"
Links to Powerbook G4 commercial
Links to Wilt Chamberlain TWA ad
Links to clips from Curb Your Enthusiasm
Links to clip from Seinfeld

"Summer of Mailbag IV: Dawn of the Mailbag"
Links to Bad News Bears in Breaking Training theme
Links to clip from same movie
Links to clip from movie One on One
Links to clip from Star Trek: TOS episode
Links to clip from Knight Rider episode
Links to clip from Fridays (the TV show)


"The Conclusion of the Summer Mailbag"
Links to scene from The Money Pit

"A Running Diary of Game 162"
Embeds clip from Airplane!

"We Need a Renegade Basketball League"
Links to Peaches & Herb "Reunited"
Links to Barbasol ad


"Laying Down the Week 5 Odds"
Embeds video clip from Joanie Loves Chachi
Links to video clip from Louie

"NFL Quarterback Power Rankings"
Links to clip from Hoosiers
Links to deleted scenes from Halloween


"Bill and Jay's YouTube Adventure"
Links to Pearl Jam Unplugged
Links to Pearl Jam Unplugged (different song)
Links to LL Cool J (no longer available due to Viacom copyright claim)
Embeds Mariah Carey Unplugged performance
Links to MTV Cribs episode
Embeds video from 2000 Grammy Awards
Embeds video from 1997 MTV Movie Awards
Embeds video from The Divas (no longer available due to Viacom copyright claim)
Embeds video from Michael Jackson memorial service

"The Career Arc: Eddie Murphy"
Links to 1980 SNL video
Links to another SNL video
Links to Michael Jackson at Motown 25th Anniversary video
Links to Eddie Murphy "party all the time" video
Links to 1985 MTV Video Music Awards video
Links to Eddie Murphy/Michael Jackson "Whatzupwitu" video


"Welcome to the National Mailbag League"
Links to Pabst Blue Ribbon ad

"If I Ruled the (NBA) World"
Links to scene from Dave
Links to another scene from Dave


"The Sports Guy's Thanksgiving Picks"
Links to scene from Say Anything

"YouTube Hall of Fame: High Times with Richard Pryor, Final Pyramid with Dick Clark, and an Art Lesson"
Embeds clip from $20,000 Pyramid


"YouTube Hall of Fame: Tales From the NBA Lockout, an Angry Keith Richards, and Shark Week Memories From January Jones"
Embeds 1998 clip from NBA on NBC

"YouTube Hall of Fame: George Michael, a Knife-Throwing Mom, and a Space Armadillo"
Embeds video to George Michael's "Freedom"


"YouTube Hall of Fame: Stevie Nicks Combs Her Hair, a Comedy Film From Nigeria, and the Least Sexy Video on the Internet"
Embeds video clips from 1978 film Moment By Moment

"YouTube Hall of Fame: Billy Sims, the Latest in Wedding DJ Technology, and Hoosiers Meets Skinemax"
Embeds trailer to 1978 film Coach


"YouTube Hall of Fame: Ashford & Simpson, Kicking and Screaming, and Ski Porn"
Embeds video to Ashford & Simpson "Solid As A Rock"

"YouTube Hall of Fame: Tom Hanks on Late Night, Pandas on a Slide, and Helen Hunt on Crank"
Embeds video from 1984 Late Night With David Letterman episode


"The Deleted Scenes Hall of Fame"
Links to deleted scene from film Almost Famous
Links to deleted scene from film Boogie Nights

"YouTube Hall of Fame: Eddie Murphy's Greatest Hits"
Embeds scene from 1986 Joe Piscopo special
Links to video for SNL's "Ebony And Ivory" (on eBaum's World!!!)


"YouTube Hall of Fame: The Worst Toys of the '80s"
Embeds commercial for Simon

"YouTube HOF: NBA Player Commercials"
Embeds Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Atari commercial


"It's an All-Football Mailbag!"
Links to montage of Tom Cruise movies
Links to trailer of All The Right Moves
Links to clip of Tom Cruise on Oprah