Ohio: "My alma mater is in the Sweet 16. They shouldn't be there. A 13 seed. For a school I usually describe at parties as, 'Ohio University-not the sports one, the other one'—a school once (once?) best known for the frequency and vivacity of its drunken riots—this is bordering on surreal." Read »

Baylor: "I wasn't your prototypical Baylor student—I give that title to the guy in my freshman-year Old Testament class who argued, loudly, that Noah's Ark was real and in fact had been found, as the professor's face worked itself into a knot. But in the years since I left the Lone Star State, I've wanted to love Baylor sports." Read »

N.C. State: "I graduated from N.C. State in 1995. We have been clutching those banners for far longer than my grandmother clutched her mink, and no less desperately, reminding ourselves less of our dignity and more of our vaporized wealth, as Tobacco Road's shabby gentry." Read »