Division III Football Game Provides Reminder Not To Storm The Field Until The Game Is Actually Over

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Division III played host to one of the craziest football game endings in recent history Saturday. Concordia College (Moorhead) led Bethel University 14-7 and forced a Bethel fumble on what should have been the last play of the game; Concordia players rushed onto the field in celebration, but the play hadn't been whistled dead yet (instead of falling onto the ball, Concordia foolishly picked it up and started running). The resulting flag gave Bethel the ball at Concordia's nine yard line to run a single untimed down; they proceeded to score a touchdown, then successfully converted the two-point conversion for the 15-14 win.

While Concordia coach Terry Horan maintains his team didn't enter the field before the fumble recovery was made, the above video shows at least one player ran onto the field (presumably because he thought it was an incomplete pass, not a fumble). Credit to Bethel's coaching staff for recognizing the shock and confusion being faced by Concordia's team after scoring the touchdown and going for two at home.

The ending was reminiscent of the recent multiple-ending'd BYU-Utah game, though BYU's failure to hit the field goal then diffused this kind of fortune change.


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