Last Night's Holy War Game Between BYU And Utah Ended Bizarrely As Utes Fans Rushed The Field Three Separate Times

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Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City became the stage for farce in the closing moments of last night's Holy War game between Utah and BYU, as fan confusion over the end of the game led to them rushing the field three times.

With seconds left and the Cougars down three points, BYU quarterback Riley Nelson tossed a ball up for grabs after which it appeared the clock expired. Excited Utes fans rushed the field, only to be told to get the hell off it because there was a second remaining in the game.


Again they rushed the field after Utah blocked BYU's last-second field goal attempt, except they didn't wait for the play to be over; you can see in the video above the mass of humanity storming the field while BYU is still running with the ball. (Note, also, idiot Utah players who start celebrating instead of downing the ball.)

Refs managed to clear the field again (note that there is a CRIB on the field; somebody brought a giant crib to a football game) and assessed a penalty to Utah, giving BYU a clear chance to tie the game with a 37-yard field goal and force overtime. Alas, the kick went off the left upright and Utes fans could once again rush the field, though this time they did it considerably less-enthusiastically. [ESPN2]