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What's the best post-Christmas present we could receive? How about a brand new batch of crazy from Anna Benson's Web site. She has redesigned the puppy, with all kinds of new links like "Ask Anna Anything" and "Heavy Petting." (There's also this picture, next to the disturbing caption, "Got Milk, Mrs. Claus?" We don't know what that means, and we do not want to.)

The two newest updates to the site are most entertaining. First, Anna — whose love for eating animals is well-documented — addresses an open letter to gun "haters", which includes the classic line, "Correct me if I m wrong, but any gun can be used in a crime. Hell, I can turn a pen into a weapon if necessary. Double hell, forget the gun and the pen, I ll mow somebody over with my car ... are you gonna try to take my car away, too?"


And, even more amusing, Benson goes after poor New York Daily News scribe Adam Rubin, whose story about Anna caused a bit of a stir a few weeks ago. Benson calls him "Adam Boobin" and reprints his emails. Careful Adam: She'll mow you down with her car. [Official Site]

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