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Do Not Refuse The Post-Match Handshake Or Australians Will Boo The Shit Out Of You

Czech Tomas Berdych faced deafening boos and squeals (which are apparently some kind of Australian version of hissing) after refusing to shake the hand of Spain's Nicolas Almagro following Berdych's four-set win today in Melbourne.

You can see why Berdych was butthurt in the video above, but it's for a completely bullshit reason. Almagro's shot was legit from that spot on the court, and anyone who's played competitive tennis has been hit like that two dozen times. Refusing the post-match handshake for a shot like that is the antithesis to prescribed Australian sports ethics, and it's no surprise the spectators showed their disapproval in a big way. The real question is why Aussie TV even attempted the post-match interview to begin with. [ESPN2]


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