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In case you missed it from Sports Illustrated earlier this year — or its reprinting in the Chicago Daily Southtown — Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen has a publicly available email account: OzzieGuillen13@ Now that the White Sox are in danger of a historic collapse, he says he's receiving upwards of 500 a day. "I had a couple real nice ones," Guillen told the Southtown. "I only read the nasty ones. It was fun. I like to read the nasty ones."

We were going to try to come up with an email to send to Ozzie, but, frankly, we're afraid he's going to accuse us of child molestation. (Though perhaps those are the "nasty" emails he's talking about.)


We will, however, point out this charming site: Elena's Ozzie Guillen Home Page. It seems to be written by a 13-year-old girl back in 1998; it references how happy she is that the Baltimore Orioles — for whom the Ozzman played 12 games for back in '98 — and it spouts, "The White Sox can continue to lie to their fans and play them for fools, trying to make everybody else the bad guy, but the people who know the real story would have nothing to do with their organization. I am eternally grateful to the Baltimore Orioles for giving Ozzie the opportunity to play for a first-class organization with a legitimate chance to succeed."

Ten-to-one odds says Elena's last name rhymed with "Peein'."

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