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So far, new A's outfielder Milton Bradley has said all the right things and gotten along just fine with everyone in the Oakland organization. (He even dressed up for St. Patrick's Day; at least, we hope that's what that costume is.) The only "incident" for the famed anger managerment headcase so far was a couple days ago, when Bradley "woke up irritated." (Cue the Jaws music.) He homered and doubled in the afternoon exhibition game, which inspired A's manager Ken Macha to say something he'll almost surely regret:

"When I saw him walking out of the locker room this morning, he looked (cranky)," Macha said. "Maybe I'll ask him what I can do to get him mad."

Later, after all the clubhouse attendants had gone home and the lights had been turned off, all that could be heard was the muffled screams of Macha, trying to yell through the duct tape that he was in Locker No. 351 and that there appeared to be golf clubs stuffed in his nether regions.