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We always feel bad for college journalists who stumble across shitstorms; when we worked for our college newspaper, we just wanted to type a bit and then get out in time to drink until dawn. We wanted no trouble.

But Georgia Red & Black columnist Lauren Morgan sleepwalked into a minefield when she wrote about the rude behavior of West Virginia fans during the Sugar Bowl. Well, it actually morphs from criticizing rude fans to calling them "toothless" and "Davy-Crocket (sic) style coon caps."


And, of course, this is the Internet, so you can probably guess what happened: West Virginia fans got a hold of it and, uh, Ms. Morgan has been, as Miguel Cabrera might say, "lambasted" a bit.

• "You are a dumb cow with nothing to contribute to society."
• "Get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich."
• "I was drunk and sat behind you, but that doesn't mean that you can write about me. You are UGAly."

It gets much, much worse. Message boards scare us.

Georgia Sets Standard For Others [Red And Black]