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Do You Believe In Omens?

If you do, I hope you're not a Yankee fan like me. Because the cracks are starting to show.

Coming apart at the seams is the new stadium, which isn't a very extended metaphor if you choose to look at it that way.


You could view it as nothing more than cracks in the stadiums ramps, which were built by a company with mob ties that is under investigation for using substandard materials.

Or you could view it in the larger picture of a franchise in nominal command of a series, but with the omnipresent concept of choking clouding the fanbase's anticipation.

Game 6 is tonight. The Yankees win, and this worry is all for naught, and our World Series is set. But should the Angels pull it out, we've got a game 7 tomorrow with Lackey vs. Sabathia. So basically: don't call me tonight. I'll be busy having a nervous breakdown.

Cracks Emerge in Ramps at New Yankee Stadium [NY Times]


I'm sure you'll want to check in tomorrow. Could be some interesting odds and sods to deal with.

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