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"Do You Experience 'Being Real' In Connection With The 'Texas Rangers' Brand?"

The Texas Rangers have sent out a marketing survey to their newsletter subscribers. Among other things, the front office wants to know if Rangers fans want the team to be "75% Wild West" Texas and "25% Today's" Texas. Or is 50-50 preferable?

This survey seems to be suffering from a general lack of irony and from having too many damn options. The first question excerpted in 4th And Short asks, "What specific feelings or emotions do you experience in connection with the 'Texas Rangers' brand?" and then lists 14 possible answers, including a fill-in-the-blank "other" box. Is it "being real" that most gets you? No? Perhaps it is "Sharing the same Texas values with the Rangers organization," then.


If not, you can always use the write-in field: "Proud to be a Texan but unsure what it theoretically means to have 'Texas values' and also kind of doubting that it has anything much to do with how I feel about major league baseball." Open up your heart, Rangers fans. They're really listening, and they want to know what car you would most closely compare to your home team.


Professional sports marketing appears to be a very precise socioeconomic-directed science.

The Texas Rangers Promise This Isn't Spam [4th And Short]

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