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Doc Gooden Missed The Mets' Victory Parade In 1986 Because He Was Doing Coke, And Other Depressing Tales

It's time for some uplifting news from the good folks at E:60! It's a rare occasion when "club in Long Island" is not the most soul-wrenching part of a story, but this is one of those times.

Here's Gooden:

Well, my ride to the club I called a guy who I got drugs from, had him meet me there, was drinking, started using drugs. Then when the party started winding down, for myself a lot of times I get to a certain point of using drugs, the paranoia sticks in. So I end up leaving the party with the team, going to these projects, of all places in Long Island. Hang out there.

And the clocks, I mean the rooms are spinning. I said OK, I'll leave in another hour. Then the next thing you know the parade's on and I'm watching the parade on TV. Here I am in the projects in a drug dealer's apartment with guys I don't even know, with drugs in the house, watching it.


Well, at least the Mets won plenty of titles after 1986, which was 25 years ago, with Gooden leading the way! Oh, what's that?

Dwight Gooden too high for parade [ESPN]

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