You thought it was funny โ€” or perhaps just disgraceful โ€” when Pete Rose started signing baseballs with "I'M SORRY I BET ON BASEBALL: PETE ROSE." But Dock Ellis (as Dock Ellis tends to do) one-ups Pete with his own unique way of branding memorabilia.

The new ball that American Memorabilia is offering features Ellis writing the interesting inscription "I threw a no hitter on LSD." Yep, you read it right. Only a few months after Pete Rose wrote his inscription where he admitted to betting on baseball, on a ball, this new inscription is being introduced to collectors.

It never crossed my mind that it's not the right thing to put on a ball," Ellis said. "That's what I did. It's already been publicized year, after year, after year. I put it on a ball because it's memorabilia." Ellis also went into other topics, such as his daily ritual of taking bennies and greenies, while pitching.


Frankly, if we had thrown a no-hitter on LSD, we'd have it tattooed on our forehead. Only if we were currently on LSD, that is.

Talking LSD, Steroids And Baseball With Dock Ellis [Gavel Chat]