Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

• The Dodgers are going to play an exhibition game at the Coliseum this year. That'll be fun. [UmpBump]
• Rany Jazayerli starts his own Royals blog. We will enjoy this. [Rany On The Royals]
• The girl from Mighty Ducks 2 is all grown up. [Rumors And Rants]
• It has been an odd Big Ten season, to say the least. [Hell Yes, Guy!]
• Who are the worst play-by-play announcers in college basketball? [College Hoops Journal]
• A high jumper who wishes he were gay. [OutSports]
• Is it that big of a deal if a woman who's 6-foot-8 dunks? [View From Average]
• Dan Patrick, already ripping on ESPN. []
• Roger Clemens and "The Simpsons." [Sports On A Schtick]
• Is Hillary the next Billy Ripken? [Mondesi's House]
• A blogger goes after Gregg Doyel. This is going to end well. [Waiting For Next Year]
• How to sound smart about Nascar. [East Coast Bias]


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