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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Does Anyone On Earth Own A Fathead?

Illustration for article titled Does Anyone On Earth Own A Fathead?

We ask with genuine curiosity: Who in the world puts a Fathead on their wall? What started out as an odd marketing campaign with Ben Roethlisberger screaming at us to "get a Fathead," or "be a Fathead," or whatever, has clearly grown into ... well, a larger marketing campaign. We've never quite seen such an advertising push for a product the world would seem to have no desire for. We're not a parent, so help us out: Would kids like this or something? We mean very, very young children.


Anyway, the marketing push has made it way to those relentless self-promoters at Mike And Mike In The Morning: Now there's a Mike Greenberg fathead. It seems redundant to ask why someone would want a picture of Mike Greenberg on their wall; obviously, no one would, and it's just a way for Fathead to get on national radio. We just don't understand how this company can possibly make money. We beckon Deadspin readers, one of you, any of you, who own a Fathead and take a picture of it and send it to us. Because we really don't think anybody owns one.

Um ... Why? [The Smittblog]

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