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Does Fantasy Football Insurance Signal The End Of Days?

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Fantasy sports have crept their way into every aspect of our sporting lives, but we have finally crossed the line from mania into madness. When you can buy injury insurance for your fantasy football players, we're through the looking glass.


Two brokers at Long Island's (of course) Intermarket Insurance Agency are offering fantasy football indemnity plans. Drop a little extra coin on the side and if one of your top draft picks goes down to injury in real life, you can recoup your league fees, transactions fees, and even the cost of the 15 fantasy football magazines you've been wallpapering your bedroom with for the last two months. Sure, your own health isn't even covered under ObamaCare yet, but this is way more vital to your well-being.

I'm not anti-fantasy sports. In the right hands, they can be a lot fun—but it's a gamble, not a retirement plan. If you're investing more money than you can afford to lose on the outcome of Peyton Manning's passing yardage, then you're probably in a little too deep. Step back and ask yourself if running a fake football team is too much for you to handle at this point in your life. Maybe you should stick to pick 'em games or electric football. Get yourself healthy and then we'll worry about Tom Brady, okay?

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