Does Jay Bilas Hate Special Needs Kids?

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Lazy journalist Jay Bilas probably doesn't know anyone who has a special needs child, and I'm guessing all the people who RTed him with a LOL or LMAO or MUST BE BIG 10 COUNTRY! or any other number of intelligent add-ons don't know anyone with a special needs child as well. If they did, they'd understand that shitty, small-minded ignorance like this, if gone unchecked, perpetuates.


The parent of a special-needs child wrote to us, offended by what Bilas had tweeted. The implication here is crystal clear, and when you've got 380,000 followers on Twitter and are employed by ESPN, you've got an extra responsibility to think twice before you tweet.

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Does ESPN condone this tweet? Six months ago, the WWL's social media policy, while heavy-handed, actually provided some guidance that's specifically designed to avoid Bilas's brand of cluelessness:

Twitter is truly another stream of media and, when used wisely, is a wonderful tool for you personally and for our company. That said, it is not your personal playground. It is not a place to incite arguments, render threats, divulge company information or opine endlessly.


As you would on television, radio or in print, act responsibly, respectfully and professionally.

So would Jay Bilas have any issue saying what he tweeted on the air? By ESPN's rationale, I'd guess not.