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Does LeBron James Jr. Really Have What It Takes To Be Great?

It's been a few months since we got our first good look at fourth-grader LeBron James Jr.'s impressive basketball skills. This latest highlight reel certainly reaffirms the youngster's talent, but it's time for us to start holding LeBron to a higher standard.


LeBron's court vision and selflessness are undeniably on display in the video above, but where is his killer instinct? Sure, a good teammate knows the value of passing it to the open man, but a champion knows that sometimes he needs to take over and put the team on his back. Do Gulf Coast Blue Chips fans really want LeBron passing it to Zyon Little in the corner when the game's on the line?

LeBron apologists can keep lying to themselves if they want, but it's time that someone started telling the truth. LeBron's going to be in fifth grade soon, and the championship window isn't getting any bigger with time. Being a great teammate will earn you a lot of friends in this game, but it takes more than that to win. It's time for LeBron James Jr. to wake up and smell the coffee.

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