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Good thing that Major League Baseball adds two extra umpires to cover those close plays down the line in the playoffs. That way no one will have any grounds to complain that a bad call completely ruined their season.


Left field umpire Phil Cuzzi made one of the great all-time blunders last night when he called a ball that landed nearly a foot inside the baseline a foul ball even though he was standing just yards away and had the perfect angle on it.
(Click the photo to enlarge.) That turned a ground rule double into a strike and arguably cost the Twins a series-tying game against the Yankees. I say "arguably" because Mauer still reached base, the Twins still loaded them up with nobody out, and they still managed to not score a run. So who knows? It's kind of hard for me to get exercised about this, because there have been far worse crimes perpetrated on behalf of both the Yankees and the Twins. I'm over it, just don't look here for sympathy.


Still, what a terrible call. That's like NBA-level bad.

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So we've got a full day of college football, more playoff games, and if you behave yourselves—maybe some WNBA talk. (Or not.) Grab some breakfast and then get comfortable. We've got a lot to cover.

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