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Does ?uestlove Of The Roots Have Inside Information About Bounties In The NFL?

I'm not sure when this short little entry about Donovan McNabb was made, but in the little information section to the right (click to enlarge below) it is noted that the purpose of the blog is to serve as "a compendium of stories by @questlove, your favorite music nerd, in response to questions written by lesser music nerds. This all happened years ago." There are a number of very specific anecdotes about a number of celebrities, so it seems to actually be ?uestlove. Or perhaps some random weirdo making up celebrity stories in ?uestlove's voice.


Since he does not mention anything about the Saints, we are left to assume this was put up prior to that whole mess. There's a lot of stuff in there that if you, like me, are unfamiliar with ?uestlove (other than knowing he is a member of The Roots and now Jimmy Kimmel's Fallon's band) you likely have no idea what he is talking about.

What is self-evident, however, is that Donovan McNabb's brother told ?uestlove about some kind of "bounty hunter" program and it's either the single most counterproductive bounty system or ?uestlove is really, really confused. ?uestlove's definition (via Donovan McNabb's brother?) of a bounty hunter program:

the coach gives the opposing teams extra in$$$$$entives to take out a player on the coach's team so that perhaps you can hurt a player thus putting him o disabled list—-

or telling the defensive team not to protect the quaterback and let him get hurt

Now, I guess there could be some scenarios where a coach may want his own player injured. It's improbable, but possible. The defensive team not protecting the quarterback is a little less defensible and leads me to believe that ?uestlove is being deliberately confusing so as not to come right out and say "Hey, I know about bounties." Thus the line "read tween them lines right there. " Either that or he is totally confused about football—which is not, like, out of the realm of possibility if he is getting his information from a McNabb brother.

The story does reinforce how rampant bounties were if even Donovan McNabb's brother is in on the hustle. For the NFL, it looks bad because how does Donovan McNabb's brother and a drummer for a successful hip hop outfit know more than the commissioner's office? They don't of course, but that's why this scandal stinks. The more we delve into it, the more ?uestions we all have.


h/t Dan

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