Dog Eats Man's Masters Tickets, Man Induces Dog To Puke, Man Pieces Tickets Back Together

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That was pretty much the scenario for Russ Berkman of Seattle. Berkman had four tickets to tomorrow's practice round at Augusta National. But his dog, Sierra, ate them, leaving behind nothing but the strings they were attached to. Here's Devil Ball Golf, which wrote up Berkman's interview with Seattle radio station KJR:

Masters trip canceled, right? Wrong. Berkman ended up feeding his dog Hydrogen peroxide — it's safe for animals to ingest — in an effort to get his dog to puke the tickets back up. The trick worked, leaving Berkman with a pile of puke and ticket pieces.

But the story gets better. Instead of cleaning up the mess, the guy went through the puke, piecing the tickets back together in an attempt to keep to the trip on track.

Berkman took photos of the scraps to use as evidence, and it worked: Officials at Augusta National issued him new tickets. It's a good thing Berkman got home when he did. Had he arrived much later, this story might have had a much shittier ending.


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