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Illustration for article titled Dolan Decides One Year At .500 Atones For Past Decade, Knicks Prices Up 49 Percent Next Year

So, you probably hear a lot of grousing from Phil Mushnick, et. al about how expensive it is to take a family of four to a game, buy some frankfurters and not hear the gangster hip hop music. But high prices happen when you have a popular product with limited supply in a big, wealthy market. We get that.


But James Dolan's ticket price hikes are a little bonkers.

This team went 117-211 in the past four years, and 139-189 in the four years before that. Not one season above .500 in the bunch, and only one playoff appearance—a 2004 first-round sweep at the hands of the Nets. All of this brings back painful flashbacks, including but not limited to Shandon Anderson, Jerome Williams, and Jamison Brewer being on the same team.


And 49 percent is a big, honking price jump. The kind of jump that's a little outlandish when the jump in the team's performance isn't that big. (They're 34-30, sixth in the East.)

Here's CNBC's Darren Rovell (on Twitter):

Knicks season tickets will rise, on average, 49% next yr. Likely the largest yearly avg increase in sports history.

Knicks season tickets rising more as a result of increased Garden renovation costs ($977M) than Carmelo/Amare

Ticket increases will make the Knicks the 1st NBA team ever to average $100/ticket

Forbes says the Lakers are already there, with an average ticket price of $113, but, you know, they won a title. Maybe two? Whereas the Knicks hold the title of having more Anthony Carters than anyone in the league, with one. This is more Anthony Carters than you would want.

Knicks ready to raise season-ticket prices [NY Post]

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