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Dolphins Fan Barfs On His Pizza, Has A Generally Terrible Playoff Game Experience

Enduring a Pittsburgh winter in the open stands as your beloved Dolphins get their doors blown off in the playoffs is unpleasant enough, but barfing on top of your uneaten stadium pizza is, well, the puke on top of the uneaten stadium pizza that was this fan’s day.

From reader George:

His buddy (a Steelers fan) was sitting next to me and we spent most of the game making fun of the Dolphins fan, who went by the name Snowflake. Snowflake was asleep without gloves on his hands and drooling for the majority of the game. For the time he was awake, he was actually a pretty nice guy, and took our heat better than most fans.


On the bright side, Snowflake can spend the rest of the playoffs indoors.

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