Dolphins Win! HOLY COW The Dolphins Win!

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Notes and info smidgens from Week 14 in the NFL. ...

• We try to explain to people how we could possibly remain a fan of the Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals despite the team having made the playoffs once in the last 25 (soon to be 26) years. We can only say that the job of winning, in the world of the NFL anyway, outweighs the pain of losing. In baseball, loses can pile up on a nightly basis, pummeling you into a state of resignation. But in the NFL, it still means something to win one game. Even if it's just one.

Therefore, we absolutely understand FinsNation's euphoria after the Dolphins' first victory yesterday.

My feet still haven't touched the ground. My throat is raw and scratchy. My voice is shot. I sound like Jennifer Tilly after several rounds of scotch and cigarettes at a Poker tournament. Myself, and everyone around me, are acting like we're in a Dr. Pepper commercial. My brain still can't wrap around the idea that, yes goddamit!!, we fucking won a game!


Rock on! 1-15, or death!

• Speaking of our Buzzsaw ... well, we can't really speak of our Buzzsaw yet, except to say home games against Atlanta and St. Louis to finished went from Holy Crap We're So Lucky (because two wins could mean playoffs) to Jesus Christ They're Gonna Hurt Our Draft Spot next year (after the error-plagued loss to the New Orleans yesterday). It was kind of fun seeing Kurt Warner get into a fight on the sidelines, though.

• We're gonna talk more about this later on, but it must be noted early: This might end up as the most frustrating fantasy football season of all time. We'll explain later, but, frankly, we assume you already know what we're talking about.

• Sometimes, we wish all football games were played under the conditions of the Bills-Browns game. It's the only thing that could have made that Jets-Pats more interesting. All salute Bill Belichick, by the way; the guy can do whatever he wants now, even if what he wants is to dull up the most hyped game of the year simply because he can.


• After watching the Giants game, that impending Seahawks-Giants playoff game is going to be eminently skippable, if you're the type of jerk who skips playoff games.

• We'll admit it: We're rooting for the Browns to overtake the Steelers. Jeez, how could we not?