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Domanick Nee Davis Refurbishes His Image

Make a mental note that the nicotine patch, Jenny Craig, or coffee enemas, are probably not enough to ensure a shiny new you this new year. Take a cue from Domanick Davis of the Houston Texans, who has decided to purge himself of himself by entering the 2007 season with changes to his haircut (braids-to-shaven), number (#37 to #31) and his last name (Davis to Williams).

"I'm a new man," he said. "That was Domanick Davis that y'all knew about. This is Domanick Williams that y'all looking at."


Y'all got that? WILLIAMS.

Davis/Williams is following the trend — once reserved for sociopathic killers on the lam, Muslims, and Puff Daddy — set by Philadelphia Eagles defensive back William James (formerly Giants defensive back Will Peterson), who also thought the best way to rejuvenate his career was to switch surnames.

Texas' Davis Coming Back Strong — As Williams [ESPN]

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