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Illustration for article titled Domingo Germán Out For Postseason As MLB Continues Domestic Violence Investigation
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New York Yankees starter Domingo Germán has been out on paid administrative leave since last Thursday, after MLB announced that the league was investigating him under the league’s domestic violence policy. That leave could last up to seven days before MLB could choose to either suspend Germán, reinstate him, or extend the leave. Today, they chose the last of those three options, prolonging his leave through the end of the 2019 Playoffs. Germán’s season is over.


Very few details of the incident—which the police are not investigating—are known to the public. When the leave was first announced, the New York Times reported that Germán had allegedly slapped his girlfriend during a public argument, and a Major League Baseball official witnessed this and informed the league office. The Athletic also said that the incident was reported directly to MLB, but added that the altercation happened at Germán’s residence, not in view of any MLB employees. Whatever happened, Rob Manfred has frustratingly punted on Germán’s case, keeping a useful pitcher out of the most important games of the year without conclusively determining his guilt.

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