Lockett even responded to this “fan,” stating the fact that players obviously don’t see the yellow line on the field. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Lockett’s constant decisions to give himself up before being tackled have likely cost the Seahawks several yards over the course of the entire season.

This TikTok account offers numerous examples of times Lockett slid to avoid contact this year.


Does it matter? Doesn’t seem so. As I said, he’s been a top-tier receiver by almost every discernable metric this year. And even with his tendency to avoid contact, he’s still ahead of guys like Diontae Johnson, Mike Evans, Chris Olave, Adam Thielen, Courtland Sutton, and Amari Cooper in YAC/R this season, and the Seahawks are still Top 10 in the NFL in completion percentage, passing yards per game, yards per attempt, and passer rating. Clearly, Lockett “chickening out of contact” as some people might put it isn’t hurting Seattle as much as most oldheads would like to believe.

Lockett is a small guy (5-foot-10, 182 pounds) by NFL standards, with a lot to play for in the near future. If he’s going to set himself up for life, he needs to play as long as he can. This decision to avoid contact may not be the most macho according to some thick-brained meatheads who only want players who’ll always fight for every inch, but it’s probably what’s best for Lockett’s longevity. Based on the fact that he’s had three straight seasons of at least 8 touchdowns and 1,000 receiving yards, and he’s on pace for a fourth, he’ll likely be around for many years after 2022 still. Perhaps a few more players in Lockett’s shoes will follow in his footsteps and while that may lead to fewer Beast Quake-type runs, it could lead to several of our favorite players playing in the NFL much longer, and that’s a sacrifice I’ll make 100 out of 100 times.