Dancing With The Stars producers who thought they were getting Urkel got a bit more Stefan than they were counting on as Jaleel White allegedly snapped when he stepped on his partner's foot leading to an altercation in which fellow DWTS competitor (and Packers WR) Donald Driver intervened.

The "Family Matters" alum, 35, "flipped out," the insider says, after he accidentally stepped on Johnson's foot. When Johnson, 35, exclaimed "ouch" over his blunder, the insider says, White "got in her face," and chastised her for "acting like a baby ... He was shouting at her, calling her an 'idiot.' "

We'll be honest, the entire episode sounds like an April Fool's joke—except when you see that White broke down in tears while recalling the moment he "found" the character Stefan.

After I played that character, people started treating me differently. When I played Stefan Urquelle, I showed people there was more to me to offer.


This is the problem with celebrity news, and we really have no idea how our friends at Gawker do it. Celebrities are so thoroughly fucked in the head that they say utterly ridiculous things that under any other circumstances would be dismissed as fiction. We only hope that after his little rant, Donald Driver smacked Urkel down to the ground, picked him back up by the neck, and spat "Did I do that?" in his face. (The participants now claim the reports of a "fight" were "exaggerated.")