Donald Driver Tosses Shoe To Kid At Charity Game, Very Worst Fan Ever Rips It From Kid's Hands [UPDATE]

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The Rangers fans who deprived a young fan of a baseball sparked debate across television, newspapers and the Internet. Their selfishness, though, pales when compared to what happened today at Donald Driver's charity softball tournament.

You can see the full video over at the Journal-Sentinel, and we do encourage you to do that because it's pretty repulsive. A mirror ball-wielding maniac (referencing Driver's recent Dancing With The Stars victory) intercepts a cleat tossed to a child by Driver, wrestles the shoe away from the kid, and does the sort of thing terrible people do when taking things from children. Driver reportedly stayed at the stadium for a length of time just signing autographs and spending time with his fans; for them to return his generosity with this sort of behavior is really unfortunate.


Fox 6 Milwaukee sports anchor Jen Lada witnessed the scene, and tweeted:


Plenty of people defended the Rangers fans after the foul ball incident. Will anyone defend this woman? (See comments below for your answer.)

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Update (11:15 p.m.): Driver is looking for the victim: