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Donald Trump Says Rick Reilly Is The Worst Reporter In All Of Sports And Gets Away With Murder [UPDATE]

@realDonaldTrump tweets:

He may be the worst reporter in all of sports: @RickReilly of @ESPN. He gets away with murder and most people haven't figured it out yet—but I know.


(As for most people not figuring it out yet, we beg to differ. Except on the murder thing.)

We haven't seen anything Reilly's written recently that disses the Donald, and a search of ESPN TV transcripts reveals no barb in a sappy Reilly feature, either, so we don't know whence the venom arose. But: If you or a loved one has been murdered by Rick Reilly, and he's gotten away with it, please do let us know.


UPDATE (3:30 p.m.): We were pointed to Reilly's 2003 book Who's Your Caddy?, in which the author has some unkind words for Trump, e.g.:

Trump very much likes attention. For himself, yes, but also for his hotels, his apartments, his casinos, his office buildings (he owns the GM building now), and his golf courses. He understands the value of free publicity. He craves it, lives for it, screams for it.


But the overall message of Reilly's bit seems to be a positive one, as much as can be expected, anyway, when writing about Trump. So, murder?

Donald J. Trump [Twitlonger]

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