Dong Meteorologist Would Prefer You Not Post Dong Pics/Links On His Facebook Page

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To Nick Kraynok, these things are good: golf, jet skiing, playing the guitar, rooting for Pittsburgh professional teams and telling the people of San Angelo, Texas the weather.

To Nick Kraynok, this thing is a drag: seeing himself tell the people of San Angelo, Texas the weather when it appears there's a dong on the map behind him. To wit ...


Here's what an unnamed high-school pal emailed after seeing old Nicky working his weather shaft ...

I hadn't even seen the video yet, but read that the affiliate was out of San Angelo, TX and I remembered seeing on my Facebook page that Kraynok had recently posted a status update about working as a Meteorologist in San Angelo. I clicked the link and watched with great glee as my hopes were confirmed and Nick Kraynok, the goofy but good-hearted kid who always tried a bit too hard, proceeded to give West Texas a serious hanj.

I immediately called/texted all my close friends and even my dad as I was transformed right back in to the prick I was in H.S. to tell them of "Krotchknocker's" appearance on Deadspin and how he was going to get his 15 seconds by being the tugger of an enormous doppler stormtracker cock in Texas. He always wanted to be a weatherman, too. He had jugs in his front yard to gather and measure rainfall and the acidity levels, weathervanes, and all that other nerdy shit when he was a young kid all the way through high school. I guess the lesson here is be careful what you wish for?

He doesn't seem to have as good a sense of humor about this as everyone else, though.


Nope, high-school friend, he certainly doesn't. Would you?

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