Donnie Baseball Has One Screwed Up Family

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Need some proof that class isn't genetic? Don Mattingly's son (far left, not a recent photo) was arrested after shoving his mother, then spitting on her. At least now he can inherit the "Hit Man" nickname?

Taylor Mattingly, an A-ball washout, admitted to Evansville police that he pushed his mother Kim to the ground, spat on her, then went all Hulk smash:

[He] admitted flipping a patio table over and shattering another, breaking a patio door and window and throwing furniture into the walls of the pool house, the affidavit said.


It's a he-said-she-said thing. Kim says her son was angry that she was trying to trade in his car, and had shut off cable service at his ranch. He says she had sent him a text message insulting him, his girlfriend, and his father...wait, she spoke ill of Donnie Baseball? I'd smack her around myself!

Perhaps wary of recent cover-ups, police were notably defensive over the lack of a mug shot.

He was booked into jail about 10:30 p.m. Officials there did not take a mug shot of him because the system was down, said Major Rick Pace, the jail commander. He said the camera was down much of the night and that multiple inmates did not have a photo taken.

Taylor Mattingly had been bonded out by the time the camera was fixed, Pace said.


That bodes well for Taylor: his mother didn't photograph too well in her mug shot (see above right).

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