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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Don't Dare Mention J.P. Arencibia's Insanely Low Batting Average

Illustration for article titled Dont Dare Mention J.P. Arencibias Insanely Low Batting Average

Master Tim Kurkjian impressionist J.P. Arencibia got himself into a little tiff this morning when he started making fat jokes aimed at a Long Island radio personality who dared bring up his atrocious season-starting stats. ESPN's Keith Law brought the tweet to the masses, and when Baseball Prospectus' Colin Wyers joined the conversation, he soon discovered that Arencibia had blocked him for merely stating a fact about his infinitesimal career batting average.


Normally, we wouldn't consider this all that newsworthy, but there may be a teachable moment that we all can learn a little from. Consider this a public service from your pals at Deadspin. We really just want to ensure that no other responsible, truth-toting members of the Twitter community raise the ire of Arencibia and miss out on such gems as "A lot of smiling and laughing today!! #LifeIsGood #WinTheSeries" and "Getting the day going with some #CMTMusicVideos tough to beat that! Plus seeing Preds up 3-1 pumps me up!!" That'd be a real shame.


So whatever you do, whether in person or at @jparencibia9, please do not mention that going 2-for-4 tonight raised his batting average to a putrid .111 or his heretofore abysmal 13/1 K/BB ratio. And really don't mention his career .204 batting average, .266 on-base percentage, or 0.5 WAR. Also, and this is important, don't ever dream of raising the very real possibility that this is his last season as Blue Jays catcher, what with star prospect Travis D'Arnaud currently in AAA and likely already slotted in as next year's Opening Day starter.

Seriously, don't mention that stuff. He doesn't like it.

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