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Don't Let Notre Dame Touch You There, Big Ten

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So Lou Holtz finally wants Notre Dame in The Big 10. I never took him for a bandwagoner, but his assessment that the conferences are eventually going to split into a few mega-conferences isn't lacking for evidence.


Nebraska followed the money. Utah is finally sitting at the big kids table. Colorado will come in dead last in an entirely new conference. Now is a good a time as any for Notre Dame to stop letting its antiquated sense of pride stand in the way of cashing in on some Big Ten money.

But will the Big Ten have them? After years of courting the Fighting Irish and being rejected every time, suddenly now that they have Nebraska in their lives, Notre Dame wants to have a relationship with the Big Ten? Don't fall for it, Big Ten. You have a younger, hotter team with none of the "baggage" involved in a century of associating with an international cabal of child molesters, in Nebraska. You have a team you know will stand by you, no matter how many national championships in which you choke and concede to the SEC. Other conferences may act out scenes from The Human Centipede (The First Sequence) and attach new teams almost randomly to their media money digestive system (I'm looking in your direction, Pac-10). But not you, Big Ten. You waited until the timing was right and hooked up with someone you had so much in common with. Don't let Notre Dame in.