Don't. Look. Behind You.

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On the same day that everyone reports Wade Phillips will get his extension, the Cowpokes go and lay an egg. A huge, missed-field-goal, turnover, overmatched-secondary-shaped egg.(Via: Kurtenblog)

Only Dallas could be dysfunctional enough to leak that kind of news the morning of the biggest game since the era of the Triplets. At best, it puts unnecessary pressure on the coaching staff. At worst, as we saw, it makes the organization look foolish.


But hey, their 31-point loss isn't alone as the biggest deficit of the weekend. And if you think it's been an awful Jaunary so far, the numbers tend to agree. Through seven playoff games, the average winning margin is more than 19 points. Just brutal. Here's hoping the Jets and Chargers can at least keep their game within three scores.

Which isnt to say that if we have some good conference championships, and most importantly, a great Super Bowl, that all this won't be forgiven and forgotten. I'm just not willing to live in a world where the NFL reached its zenith during that Browns/Lions week 11 game.


(Thanks to Orland Kurtenblog for the screengrab.)


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