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Interesting story in yesterday's Washington Post about a high school football player in Maryland. The young fellow's name is Pat Lazear, and there's a lot on his resume: 6'2", 225, 4.6 seconds in the 40, he starts at linebacker, running back, and punter, and oh yeah, he's facing armed robbery charges for his involvement in a Smoothie King heist.

Yes, a Smoothe King. If this guy ever gets to the NFL and ends up on the same team as Randy Moss, there could be trouble.


Anyway, Lazear is accused of providing the gun and driving the getaway car in the incident. But other than that, he won't talk about it, and his teammates, coaches, parents, and interested colleges all want to act like it never happened. His high school coach says he doesn't care, and neither, evidently, do Alabama and Ohio State, who are still recruiting him heavily. Not much of a surprise, I guess, that Ohio State is recruiting a guy who currently wears an electronic monitor around his ankle. I love this paragraph.

Lazear said his ankle monitor is light enough that he hardly notices it when he plays, and it will not encumber him. Even though Maryland high school players are not allowed to wear jewelry on the field, Lazear will be able to play with the monitor. "The umpire will inspect it before the game and make sure it is adequately padded," said Ned Sparks, executive director of the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association.


Lazear had two touchdowns last night in a losing effort.

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