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Don't You Dare Try To Take Adrian Peterson's Touches Away From Him

For all the turmoil there’s been around the Washington football team, it was nice to see a brief moment of firm communication between two teammates in Miami on Sunday. On a second-and-5 from his team’s 35-yard line, quarterback Case Keenum tried to switch the play to something else, yelling “kill kill kill” to signal just that. But Adrian Peterson wasn’t okay with that and yelled back at his teammate to keep the play as is. Keenum relents and tells his line “reload, reload,” signifying that they were going through with what was originally called—a handoff to Peterson.

As it turns out, Peterson’s football instincts were better than Keenum’s and the play resulted in a first down.

There’s just something about veterans on Washington sports teams that make them so testy when you try to put the ball in someone else’s hands before they’re ready to give it up.

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