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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Dontrelle Willis lasted all of 14 pitches before leaving with a hyper-extended knee, but he was just as shitty before the injury. The high-kicking lefty couldn''t seem to get his kick all the way up, which the Baseball Tonight crew was quick to attribute to his physique, which can only be described as "bloggeresque" However the beleaguered Tigers bullpen stifled the Chicago White Sox, to the tune of one run allowed over 8+ innings. Aquilino Lopez picked up the relief win over Jose Contreras behind four strikeouts in as many innings. Mags knocked in two run in Detroit's 5-2 victory.


Your 2008 NL Champions. The Arizona Diamondbacks, my pick to win the NL pennant (currently 8/1) improved to 8-2 behind another dominant performance from Brandon Webb (3-0 2.14) while Jeff Francis (0-2 9.53) continued his inevitable regression. Justin Upton continues to punish me for drafting him in only one fantasy draft. He hit his fourth homer of the year produced two RBI. And I promise not to mention fantasy baseball again. Kyle Lohse Rulez!1! Sorry.

Red Sox Nation is inconsolable! I might hate the Yankees, but I do enjoy a good Red Sox loss. Chien Ming Wang rode his dominating sinker all the way to a two-hitter and a win in the first of 19 contests between the league's two most insufferable teams.

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