Dopey Sports Illustrated Writer: Women's Sports Aren't Worth Watching

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Andy Benoit covers the NFL for Sports Illustrated and regularly heads up pro football analysis for MMQB. He also has no time for your stupid Women’s World Cup, or women’s sports in general.

That’s according to his own tweets, which are now, predictably, deleted. We don’t expect much from those who work for a nudie mag company that occasionally covers sports, but Benoit’s thickheadedness is so typical of the meathead mentality that we’d assume he was being sarcastic if he hadn’t tried to subsequently defend his “not worth watching” statement.

Even if soccer’s not your bag, Benoit’s blanket statement is ridiculous. Women’s tennis is arguably better than the men’s game, especially on grass; women’s gymnastics and figure skating double up equivalent men’s events ratings at the Olympics; and the WNBA is worth watching just because you’ll never see this happen in an NBA game.


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